Pansoft Partners with C-BIA Consulting Ltd to drive digital transformation across industries in the UK and EU

Pansoft Partners with C-BIA Consulting Ltd to drive digital transformation across industries in the UK and EU

Date: 10th July, 2020
News Type: Press Release

Pansoft Partners with C-BIA Consulting Ltd to drive digital transformation across industries in the UK and EU

Key takeaways

  • Through this partnership, Pansoft offers an integrated platform of enterprise resource planning, blockchain, and analytics tailored to help enterprises across industries to embark on their digital transformation journey while staying compliant with the regulatory framework.
  • This partnership will help address the specific and significant market opportunities and strengthen the joint value proposition through closer proximity to customers in the region. 
  • Pansoft will focus on the key areas of driving digital transformation and change management for organisations across varied sectors.

Pansoft, a market leader in implementing digitised solutions, is pleased to announce its partnership with C-BIA Consulting, a Business Intelligence and data analytics expert, to help enterprises reduce operational costs and bring more value through its comprehensive bespoke integrated solution.  

Pansoft’s expertise in the Oracle arena, Ellucian services, Blockchain development and Analytics enable it to provide customers with a unique solution that combines these technologies to solve use cases. Making business functions more efficient through enterprise resource planningautomating digital credential verification and validation through blockchain, helping information drivers make informed decisions through data-driven insights and analytics.

C-BIA Consulting helps customers to identify valuable insights and gain business value from their data assets, make informed business decisions that deliver better outcomes, and enables all stakeholders to seamlessly work together. With this partnership, Pansoft and C-BIA aim to leverage their expertise to offer a wide range of services and consulting to clients in the UK and EU. 

In partnering with C-BIA, Pansoft will be able to extend its services to clients across the UK and EU. It will also enable us and, simultaneously, our clients gain access to C-BIA’s exceptional knowledge in data science and BI. By combining our expertise in implementing digitised solutions with C-BIA’s data-driven digital products, we will be able to add value to our clients’ businesses by delivering much more intelligent solutions to them, commented Nazim Shaikh, CEO at Pansoft. 

This partnership means we can extend our services to existing clients and craft new offerings that combine our joint sector and technical knowledge, particularly around Oracle and Ellucian products and Blockchain. Demand has never been higher for cost-effective solutions that enable faster decision making and automate business processes and remote working. I look forward to working with Pansoft to build the next generation of advanced analytics solutions, lower costs and improve customer satisfaction,” said Brendan Dunphy, CEO.

About Pansoft

Founded in 2010, Pansoft Technologies is a leading Information Technology Products, consulting and services organisation, with a global footprint. It extends value to enterprises using Oracle, Ellucian, Blockchain, Analytics and Cloud technologies either isolated or as an integrated platform offering. Pansoft has its operations in India, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, USA and Europe. 

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About C-BIA Consulting Ltd  

Founded in 2006 as Genisys Consulting Ltd., C-BIA Consulting specialises in intelligent application development, BI & data analytics using Microsoft and Open Source platforms. C-BIA’s focus is on health, education, research and retail sectors and includes the joint development and marketing of applications such as laboratory management, clinical collaboration, performance assessment and safe staffing in these sectors.  

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