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One-Travel-Platform for the Travel Industry

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a cloud computing solution that provides businesses with reduced IT capital expenditure and manageable operational costs. Pansoft Benlabs offers a SaaS-based Travel Solution, One Travel Platform (OTP), enabling travel businesses to save costs and focus on selling travel products and services.

As cloud and SaaS technologies evolve, Pansoft Benlabs upgrades its One Travel Platform solutions technology platform to address current and future challenges and create better experiences for travel makers and their travelers.

One Travel Platform

One travel platform (OTP) – SaaS is a SaaS-based all-in-one turnkey solution for all your IT needs; using modern technologies, it helps you save costs and provides opportunities for upselling selling and cross-selling travel products, thus enabling you to focus on selling travel products & services.

Airfare Consolidation
Airfare Consolidation

The platform utilizes technology and automation to strengthen airfare consolidation by integrating multiple Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and Passenger Control Systems (PCC) from different office IDs/IATA, Low-Cost Carriers (LCC), New Distribution Capability (NDC) airline sources, and third-party suppliers.

Hotel fare Consolidation
Hotel-Fare Consolidation

The platform consolidates hotel fares by integrating Global Distribution Systems (GDS), bed banks, Online Travel Agencies (OTA), Channel Managers, and Hotel Marketplaces. We use technology and automation to seamlessly integrate these sources, allowing travel businesses to access a vast range of hotel inventories at the best possible rates.

Tech Automation

Technology and automation enable travel businesses to consolidate fares efficiently. Our platform leverages these advancements to integrate multiple sources of fares, enabling travel businesses to access a broad range of airfares and hotel inventories at competitive rates. This streamlines the booking process and enhances the travel experience for customers.

OTP Travel Platform
Benefits of the OTP Platform:
  • Reduced IT capital expenditure
  • Scalability and security
  • Improved customer experience
  • Efficient fare consolidation
  • Pricing and revenue optimization
  • Upselling and cross-selling
  • Millennial-friendly infrastructure
  • Native and corporate travel APIs
  • Managing Operational Costs
  • Optimizing Customer Experience
  • Revenue Growth
  • API-based Distribution

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