A smart contract is an executable code that is developed by the blockchain network owners, installed into the blockchain itself while setting up the network and invoked when pre-defined system or business rules are met. Smart contracts have the ability to read and write to a local data store which is separate from the blockchain itself and can be updated when transactions occur. Any transaction request to the blockchain, invokes a smart contract module which performs functions defined by the creator of that module. At Pansoft, we can create your smart contract’s code securely and implement smart contracts to automate your business process.

Smart Contract Design and Development

Pansoft’s Smart Contract Services:

Smart Contract Architecture

Smart Contract Design & Development

Smart Contract Audit

Smart Contract Optimisation

Reduction in the cost of transactions with higher security is what makes blockchain smart contracts profitable to the businesses.

We, at Pansoft, create reliable and secure smart contracts using Ethereum and Solidity, and also develop decentralised applications, which enables the businesses to fulfil their customised needs.

Benefits of using Smart Contract

  • Blockchain Smart Contract reduces the risk of counterfeit activities, as the entire system is decentralised and no single entity is responsible for managing the network.
  • Can create multiple business models.
  • Associated with cryptocurrency.
  • A network of computing nodes.
  • Smart contract cut-downs or exclude the involvement of third-party authentications which makes them more secure.
  • New startups, business models or ideas are also supported by  smart contract as it reduces cost and is more secure.
  • Processes involving manpower are eliminated which results in much lower costs.

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