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In today’s digital world, to be successful, organizations need technology that is inherently open, flexible, and backed by a sustainable business model that is built to absorb change. 

Open technology coupled with open business collaboration is the sustainable, strategic response to an unpredictable future 

Totara is uniquely positioned to provide customers with a robust, sustainable technology strategy to navigate this path towards digital transformation successfully.  

Totara Talent Experience Platform

Totara Talent Experience Platform
The Totara Talent Experience Platform, the all-in-one solution for workplace learning, engagement, and performance enables people to perform at their best, all united and aligned with company goals. 
Learn & Grow

Upskill your workforce on your terms. 

Totara is dedicated to transforming the learning technology marketplace by offering organizations a powerful, flexible, innovative, and open software platform to deliver workplace learning in the way that best suits each organization and each learner. 

Deliver seamless on-brand learning environments, improve teamwork, manage regulatory compliance, and harness social learning. 

Engage & Deliver

Harness the power of informal learning and collaboration.  

When employees are engaged, they are more likely to invest in the work they do which leads to a higher quality of work produced. 

Totara Engage is a user-driven learning experience platform (LXP). Knowledge sharing is made simple using collaborative workspaces. Employees can create and curate content on any device allowing them to discover new learning opportunities while promoting social interaction and engagement across the entire organization. 

Totara Perform
Perform & Succeed

Unlock new levels of performance.

Performance management is critical to aligning staff around a common set of objectives and goals. It provides opportunities to give feedback and identify professional development needs or opportunities. 

Totara Perform is a continuous performance management system that empowers you to automate regular performance management activities. This in turn will result in efficiency and enable organizations to get a holistic view of performance. With Totara Perform you can structure feedback in a way that best works for your business. 

At Pansoft, we understand the need to have a competitive advantage in the market and have partnered with Totara, the leading learning services provider.

Our Totara Talent Experience Platform Offerings:
Totara Learn

  • Open technology and easy to use 
  • Multitenancy and extended enterprise delivery 
  • Theming/branding 
  • Sleek user design 
  • Blended learning delivery 
  • Personalization 
  • Cost-effective 

Totara Engage

  • Collaborative workspaces
  • Personal libraries
  • Microsoft Teams integration
  • Flexible access and sharing settings
  • Recommendations engine
  • Supporting social interaction
  • User-driven and personalised experience 

Totara Perform

  • Enable continuous 360 feedback 
  • Powerful graphical reporting 
  • Create, assign and record tailor-made check-ins

Solution Benefits:

Totara offers a complete elearning solution for talent management in organizations. The three parts of the TXP combined bring together all the critical areas that an organization needs to grow in this new world; learning, employee engagement, collaboration, high performance, and ultimately productivity.

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Totara Talent Experience Platform
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About Totara

Founded in 2010, Totara is rapidly transforming the learning technology software market by giving organizations worldwide the freedom to learn.

Totara builds employee engagement, learning, and performance management technologies that enable large multinational corporations, government entities, and mid-market companies to deliver enterprise-level talent and workforce experiences.

Totara Talent Experience Platform
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