The right Identity & Access Management team to implement a strong and adaptive program

Managing and securing information is essential for every organisation to be successful. In today’s digital world, most of the enterprises have their identity management systems in place and also taken specific steps to provide safe and secure access to every single application based on defined identities. With the exponential advancement of disruptive technologies, secure access permissions became the most important focus for organizations to prevent huge financial losses. However, the challenge for every organisation is to establish the same level of access security across a wide range of resources and an increasingly diverse IT environment. Pansoft provides best-in-industry Oracle Identity and Access Management services to tackle these challenges, with the expertise to secure sensitive data and applications, regardless of whether they are hosted on-premises or on the cloud.

At Pansoft we understand the landscape of the evolving threats, ageing technologies and insider threats that the industry, government and other entities face and have, hence, built a flexible and highly skilled team to help implement the right Information Security controls at the right time. We have experts ready to engage at a moment’s notice in the following key areas of InfoSec & Identity Management controls, automated provisioning and deprovisioning, self-service, role-based access control, single and federated sign-on, disaster recovery design and architecture, governance, risk and compliance implementations via products such as Oracle Identity Manager, Access Manager, Adaptive Access Manager, Unified Directory and many more.

The Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite allow enterprises to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of user identities across all enterprise resources both within and beyond the firewall. You can now deploy applications faster, apply the most granular protection to enterprise resources, automatically eliminate latent access privileges, and much more. Leverage the Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite in its entirety or deploy individual components of the suite to meet your unique needs. The Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite is a member of the Oracle Fusion Middleware family of products, which brings greater agility, better decision-making, and reduced cost and risk to diverse IT environments today.

Pansoft Oracle Identity and Access Management key areas :

  • Architecture, design, and implementation
  • IDM strategic consulting
  • IDM solution architecture, design and implementation
  • Applications & systems integration
  • Application development
  • Application testing and deployment
  • System installation, configuration, upgrades and migration
  • Complete support and maintenance
  • SOA maturity and adoption assessment
  • Business process automation and workflow optimisation
  • Authorisation and Entitlements
  • End-to-end Authentication and SSO
  • Federation and Single Sign-On
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Secure Token Services
  • Web Services Security
  • Most comprehensive, best-in-class suite
  • Mitigates Risk
  • Hot-pluggable and open
  • Application centric Identity Management
  • Lowers administrative and development costs

Our IDM & OAM Implementation Services :

Oracle Access Manager - OAM

Oracle Access Manager is a state-of-the-art solution for centralised identity administration and access control. Oracle Access Manager delivers the functionalities of web single sign-on, access policy creation enforcement, user self-registration and self-service, delegated administration, password management, and reporting and auditing. It supports all leading directory servers, application servers, web servers, and enterprise applications.

Oracle Identity Manager - OIM

Oracle Identity Manager is a highly flexible and scalable enterprise identity management system that centrally controls user accounts and access privileges within enterprise IT resources. It provides the functionalities of identity and role administration, approval and request management, policy-based entitlement management, technology integration, and audit and compliance automation. Oracle Identity Manager delivers flexibility and scalability with product features such as a J2EE implementation, N-tier deployment architecture, browser-based user interfaces and Oracle Grid compatibility.

Oracle Privileged Account Manager – OPAM

Oracle Privileged Account Manager is a secure password management solution designed to generate, provision, and manage access to passwords for privileged accounts like Linux/Unix ‘root’ or Oracle database ‘sys’. It enables auditing and establishes accountability for users with access to privileged account credentials.

Oracle Identity Federation - OIF

Oracle Identity Federation is an industry-leading federation solution providing a self-contained and flexible multi-protocol federation server deployable with existing identity and access management systems. Oracle Identity Federation is Liberty Alliance certified for Liberty ID-FF and SAML 2.0.

Oracle Virtual Directory - OVD

Oracle Virtual Directory allows you to rapidly deploy secure directory-enabled applications by providing a real-time, virtual view of identity data from any datastore including directories, databases and Web Services without synchronisation. With Oracle Virtual Directory, you can logically join identity attributes stored in multiple data-stores as well as prioritise requests to back-end directories on a per-server or per-connection basis, to maximise the native directory’s processing potential

Oracle Unified Directory - OUD

Oracle Unified Directory is an all-in-one directory solution with storage, proxy, synchronisation and virtualisation capabilities. While unifying the approach, it provides all the services required for high-performance Enterprise and carrier-grade environments. Oracle Unified Directory ensures scalability to billions of entries, ease of installation, elastic deployments, enterprise manageability and effective monitoring.

Oracle Internet Directory - OID

Oracle Internet Directory is an LDAP v3 service that combines the mission-critical strength of Oracle’s database technology with the flexibility and compatibility of the LDAP v3 directory standard. Supporting heterogeneous environments, Oracle Internet Directory can be synchronised against third-party directories including Microsoft Active Directory, SUN Java System Directory Server, Novell eDirectory and OpenLDAP.

Oracle Entitlements Server -OES

Oracle Entitlements Server (OES) is a standards-based, policy-driven security solution that provides real-time fine-grained authorisation in Application, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Database environments. OES fills the need for granular, flexible, and externalised access control. The solution provides a comprehensive and centralised approach for managing access policies with distributed or centralised enforcement.

Oracle Web Services Manager - OWSM

Oracle Web Services Manager is a comprehensive solution for adding policy-driven security and management capabilities to existing or new Web services. It provides visibility and control of the policies through a centralised administration interface offered by Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Oracle Identity Analytics - OIA

Oracle Identity Analytics provides enterprises with the ability to define and manage roles and automate critical identity-based controls. Once roles are defined, certified, and assigned, the software continues to deliver scalable and sustainable identity governance and analytical solution throughout the user access lifecycle.

Oracle Adaptive Access Manager - OAAM

Oracle Adaptive Access Manager helps enterprises to prevent fraud and misuse, by enhancing existing authentication flows, evaluating the risk of events as they happen and providing risk-based interdiction mechanisms such as multi-factor out-of-band authentication. Intuitive policy administration and standardised integrations with the Identity and Access Management Suite components makes Oracle Adaptive Access Manager uniquely flexible and effective at reducing an enterprise’s security exposure.

Oracle Enterprise Single SignOn - OESSO

Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On provides users with unified sign-on and authentication across all their enterprise resources, including desktops, client-server, custom and host-based mainframe applications, a centralised framework for security and compliance enforcement, eliminates the need for multiple usernames and passwords.

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