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Network Management System provides direction and control of content security. We ensure that your systems are not holding you back. Network Management System (NMS) is a system designed for monitoring, maintaining, and optimising a network. It includes both hardware and software, however, most often it refers to the software which is used to manage a network.

Network Management

Our Network Management System services:

  • Network device monitoring: The NMS software monitors network hardware to assure all devices are operating perfectly and are not near or at full capacity. In case of any problems, an alert is sent to the network administrators.
  • Network device discovery / Device provisioning: Whenever a different device is connected to the network, the NMS detects it so that the new device can be recognized, configured, and added to the network.
  • Network device management: NMS helps to manage multiple devices from a centralised location. It is also used to configure a device or modify settings based on performance analysis.
  • Network performance analysis: NMS can gauge the current and past performance of a network. The analysis of this report includes the overall performance of the network, individual devices and connections. These reports can be used to optimise the flow of traffic and also recommend any addition of new hardware if needed.
  • Intelligent notifications, or customisable alerts: If a device or section of a network fails, an NMS automatically reroutes traffic to limit downtime. This action is performed on the fly or using a set of pre-configured rules. In case of any failure of the network, a notification is sent to the network administrators.

Why use an NMS?

Network Management System is very important for business having large networks, such as those found in enterprise configurations, server farms, data centres, and/or corporate networks, having hundreds or thousands of connected devices; wherein It is important to have a central network monitoring system to manage the devices. NMS provides an  efficient way to locate, update, repair, and/or replace network equipment whenever needed.

Features of Network Management System:

  • Saves money: To manage and monitor the entire network, only one system admin is required at a single location, which cuts the overall cost.
  • Saves time: Each IT provider gets direct access to any data when required. All the team members can retrieve data from their own workstations, and the entire team member’s access can be controlled by the network manager.
  • Increases productivity: Helps to manage every aspect of the office network, which includes software, hardware and other peripherals. To ensure there is no productivity slowdown or data loss, the Network Management System identifies an issue as soon as it occurs.

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