Engaging with Pansoft LMS

Customers and partners can engage with Pansoft LMS at any time before or after signing their license contract. We can help you to:

  • Understand the best way to structure your licensing to meet business objectives
  • Quantify and resolve the financial risk of noncompliance
  • Ensure informed decision-making regarding future IT developments
License management Audit
  • Provide for accurate budgeting and reporting
  • Obtain a detailed understanding of your Oracle environment and investment
  • Ensure asset management best practices are implemented
  • Identify spare capacity and optimize the use of your Oracle investment

Pansoft offer multiple solutions for Oracle License Management

Solutions for short one week task based engagements

Solutions for long term programs to completely manage projects

Customized customer specific tailor made engagements

  • Self-Audit of the Oracle Estate
  • Mimics an Oracle LMS Audit
  • Compliance Gap Analysis
  • Provides Oracle Asset and Contract Repository for Proof of Ownership
  • Assessment of License Re-organisation to decrease impact of License Costs
  • Identify Exposure within presently owned contracts/agreements with Oracle
  • Advise on required changes to the terms and clauses in Oracle agreements
  • Negotiation strategies to obtain the changes
  • Advise on formal response
  • A quick self-audit that mimics an Oracle LMS assessment
  • Advise of negotiating the correct audit conditions and scope
  • Assessment of License re-organisation to decrease impact of license costs
  • Oracle Asset and contract repository for proof of ownership
  • Plan of Action
  • Brief one/two day engagement to provide
  • Market and consumption based pricing levels
  • Advise on required changes to terms & clauses in Oracle agreements

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