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Cloud computing services serve the gigantic disruptive trend in computing. A cloud service covers a wide range of resources that provides services to enterprises via the internet, which in this context, is broadly known as the cloud. Cloud computing can be best described in simple terms as a shared computing network that can run a program on many connected computers simultaneously. A cloud service comprises of self-provisioning and elasticity, through which enterprises can provision services on an on-demand basis and shut them down whenever required. The usage of cloud services is closely associated with traditional cloud offerings, such as Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Pansoft’s cloud services help the organisations through optimising, customising and supporting solutions to meet business needs, improve customer experience with business agility and by reducing the overall costs.

Pansoft is well-poised to become a transformation partner for enterprises who are envisaging their migration in the cloud services by exceptional competencies and capabilities with excellent customer experience in cloud services. Our cloud services help the enterprises to seamlessly assess, modernise, migrate and integrate the business needs and technology environments to the cloud. In today’s digitally competent world, organisations are reinventing themselves by shifting their workloads on cloud environments. We help enterprises to migrate on suitable cloud environments, such as Private, Public and Hybrid by conducting assessment, planning and implementing the best practices to meet business needs.

Pansoft’s cloud services offer data accessibility throughout the organisation, data collection across technologies and platforms smoothly, developing collaboration opportunities, improving trend identification, speeding up data-driven decision making, and improving operational and strategic potency.

Disaster Recovery on Cloud

Cloud Management

Cloud Backup

Cloud Upgrades and Migration

Cloud Service Environments

(Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud)

Cloud Assessment and Implementation

Cloud Computing Platforms

At Pansoft, we provide the fastest and most cost-effective way to migrate your workloads to the cloud. If you are planning to migrate on Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure, our team of experts will get you there successfully.


Pansoft Approach

At Pansoft, our expert team follows the best practices, technology, environment, and learnings for enterprises to smoothly adopt the cloud services. Our comprehensive framework for cloud adoption helps the enterprises to build their own cloud program to achieve business needs and better outcomes.

Readiness Assessment

We evaluate your readiness to move to the cloud by doing a case study and understanding your current IT landscape and business objectives.

Cloud Strategy and Roadmap Services

We strategise and prepare a roadmap before the comprehensive cloud implementation, to deliver unparalleled agility, efficiency and innovation, to meet the business needs.

Cloud Security and Governance Services

We make a sound security and governance plan to maximize the value of cloud implementation, by policy-driven governance solutions and controlling access to critical cloud-based services.

Application Architecture Assessment

Our assessment includes application roadmap assessment, comprehensive cloud architecture and proper planning to make the cloud migration legitimate.

Application Migration

We provide the fastest and most cost-effective solution to migrate your workloads to the cloud in Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure.


We enable you to convert your applications by customising them as per your business needs, workflows and data security policies.

DevOps and CloudOps

We can guide you in your business workflows with the approach to adopting DevOps and/or CloudOps by mutually reinforcing strategies for delivering business value.

On-Cloud Development

We help you build cloud-native application development ensuring accurate and seamless cloud implementation that scales dynamically to meet your business needs.

Application Modernisation

We can assist with modernisation of your traditional legacy applications with SaaS, PaaS or IaaS integration to improve your business performance, scalability and security.

Big Data and Analytics

We can help you in merging your data sources, by enabling efficient data analytics and leveraging the power of the cloud to turn data into insights.

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