Pansoft offers Oracle Cloud Implementation, Training, Upgrade and Support at a Monthly Subscription Price

The Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider Program recognises partners with the skills and expertise to build, deploy, run, and manage both Oracle and non-Oracle workloads on the Oracle Cloud Platform.

Pansoft offers end-to-end Oracle Cloud platform solutions, including global consulting, full-service cloud and post-production support services.

We deliver Oracle PaaS and IaaS combined with Pansoft’s managed services as a single complete solution to customers. Pansoft meets Oracle’s qualifying criteria: capacity to manage customers’ cloud infrastructure, and/or end-user systems, and provide services such as cloud advisory, service migration, provisioning and orchestration, 24×7 monitoring, incident and change management, and cloud optimisation, among many others.

Cloud Managed Services

Which systems and applications can you cover?

  • Database Management Services

  • Oracle Managed Cloud Services

  • Oracle Licensing Management Services

  • Infrastructure Managed Services

  • Oracle Middleware Managed Services

  • Oracle Operating System Management Services

  • Oracle Applications Management Services

Re-host: “Lift and shift” of instances

Test and development environments

Disaster recovery and backup

Re-platform or hybridise to leverage cloud services

Drive down IT costs and improve speed to value, business agility, reliability and security

Archival of systems, data and documents

Pansoft‘s Oracle Cloud Managed Service Offerings:

Business Critical Support:

Pansoft will provide period end support such as closing books, reconciliation, payroll processing, etc. (Up to 160 hours per pear)

Annual Refresher Training:

Pansoft will provide training to new user on new functionality features and enhancements as part of upgrades. (3 sessions per year)

Ongoing Support:

Pansoft will provide ongoing assistance and support for application go-live.(Up to 60 hours a month)

Initial Implementation Services:

Implementation of Oracle modules procured by the client.

With Oracle enterprise-grade cloud applications along with Pansoft’s suite of implementation and support services, you get the benefits of the cloud as well as more power on demand, more choices and more confidence.

Cloud Release Upgrade Assistance:

Pansoft will provide assistance for upgrades (testing existing business processes, reports, integration and implementation of new features) of up to 5 cloud releases as part of the managed services.

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