Comprehensive Cloud Consulting Services

Helping transition to the Cloud Network with a sound strategy.

Cloud Computing is seamlessly building a large revolution globally to individuals and businesses in their whole experience of information access, application design and development, implementation. Implementing of cloud computing services can help you to reduce the operational costs, lift the performance to the next level, open new potential possibilities of business growth, and comprehend your strategic IT objectives.

At Pansoft we help in migrating to the cloud with sound strategy planning, proper assessment, and a well-described approach with the assurance of seamless and error-free transition with minimal or no business impact. We at Pansoft, enhance alignment between business and IT to boost performance and reduce cost so that you can realize the true benefits of cloud computing. Our expert team can help enterprises to upswing towards identifying excellent and innovative ways to strategize and optimize the business operations, accessing information, application design and development and discover new ways of market expansion opportunities.

Our Key features include:

Cloud Computing Strategy and Consulting

Cloud Application Services

Cloud Management Services

Cloud Support, Solution and Monitoring

Pansoft Offerings

Our team is well versed in deploying all sorts of cloud platforms, which also includes hybrid clouds that can give you the best possible results.

Cloud Computing Consultation :

Our team has vast experience in cloud solutions and dealing with highly scalable, secure and result oriented systems. They can help you to execute your cloud infrastructure from planning streamlined strategy to the execution.
Pansoft Cloud consulting approach covers :

  • Proper Assessment

  • Planning the strategy

  • Executing the strategy

Transition to the Cloud :

At Pansoft Cloud transition process includes all the services required to shift your resources, applications, and data to the cloud in a secure and cost effective way.
Pansoft Transition to the Cloud approach covers:

  • Process Automation

  • Cloud Preparation

  • Testing and Implementation

  • Setup of the Cloud

  • Migration and Deployment of the applications or data

Cloud Engineering

At Pansoft Cloud Engineering services comprises of developing solution leveraging cloud competence, from a simple application or custom application to complex data solutions.
Pansoft Cloud Engineering approach covers :

  • Cloud Storage

  • Distribution of the Content / Data

  • Cloud support

  • Application Development on the cloud

  • Migration and Deployment

Optimization and Managment :

At Pansoft optimization services will help you analyze your current cloud design and identify the loops, constant monitoring for smooth and reliable cloud transition.
Pansoft Cloud Optimization approach covers:

  • Optimizing the cloud resources

  • Cut-down the cost by implementing latest cloud services

  • Monitoring and management with support

  • Systematic and planned cloud operations to cut-down the costs

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