Pansoft’s Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) automation solution provides clients with a comprehensive approach to DR/BCP process implementation and maintenance. It enables zero dependence on experts to trigger the right processes in the correct sequence.

Companies now consider 24x7x365 availability of their web presence or ERP as a critical requirement for everchanging market dynamics. They cannot afford to face downtime of mission-critical applications, especially their databases. Their ability to withstand outages, natural disasters, and infrastructure interruptions will determine their level of business continuity, and thus directly affect their bottom line.

In case of disasters, Pansoft provides expert guidance and hands-on assistance to benefit enterprises in maximising the organisation’s ability to limit the effects of an outage. With our IT disaster recovery programs, we help enterprises to manage risk, control and achieve operational resiliency through standard risk management principles and guidelines, emergency management policy with best-proven practices. Our services encompass planning, deploying technologies, facilities, strategies, organisation and critical vendors, and how they can work together to result in successful disaster recovery outcomes.

Pansoft’s IT disasters services help businesses to plan their IT services to continue in a short time from a different location in case of any disaster situations. Business Continuity Planning process includes:

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Business Continuity Planning Process Includes:

Assessment and GAP Analysis

IT Services Impact Analysis

IT Disaster Recovery Program Development

Testing and Execution

Audit, Review and Reports

Periodic Drills Process and Analysis

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Consulting

24/7 Management of Disaster Recovery Plan

Strategy and Planning for Future State Design and Implementing the Roadmap

Solution Development to Execute Plans and Solution Selection

Solution Implementation and Rollout

Periodic Audits to Ensure Disaster Recovery Functionality and Readiness

Analysing Current Plans and Offering Advice on Improvements

Recovery Procedures for IT Systems and Applications

Centralising IT Infrastructure, Applications and Databases

Document Preparation - IT Inventory, Functional and Installation Details

Disaster Recovery Site Selection and Preparation

Operational Guidelines for Disaster Recovery Site.

Developing New Plans to Suit the Businesses Needs

Replicating IT Systems and Applications

Disaster Recovery Strategy

In case of disasters, we first complete the risk assessments and carry out business impact analyses, to identify the critical systems and functions, following which he recovery time objectives [RTOs] and recovery point objectives [RPOs] are defined and recognised.

Disaster Recovery Plan

We begin with the strict disaster recovery plan structure; with a report that summarises key action steps to be followed in case of disasters. We develop plans and methods to be implemented for restoring enterprise data, infrastructure, and applications in the event of a disruption.

Disaster Recovery Test

With disaster recovery testing we ensure that the DR strategy and plan is solid, and recover data in the event of a disaster. Conducting planned maintenance offers a training opportunity for the staff to create awareness within the organisation about disaster recovery procedures. We help you to validate your plans and procedures in alignment with your overall business continuity strategy.

Disaster Recovery Strategy Implementation

Based on the reports and test results, we develop disaster recovery strategies, design the plan and then implement. These strategies help enterprises to respond to and recover from troublesome incidents. We include infrastructure, applications, manpower, and data for the Business Continuity program and fulfill the business needs.

We offer the following important services to ensure business continuity:

High Availability

Disaster Recovery

The importance of High Availability in any business cannot be underestimated; downtime costs alone have been estimated in the millions of dollars per hour in some industries. Database downtime is what a result of various causes: natural disasters, power outages, or server failures.

At Pansoft, we understand the extent to which companies rely on databases and the importance of high availability (HA). Our Reliability Review is a proven and tested high availability solution that will take stock of your current risk scenario and help determine the level of protection your business requires.

Disaster Recovery is oftentimes considered more as insurance than assurance. This is not merely a ploy to sell fear, it is protection against events that strike when least expected.

There’s no measuring loss of data – be it an hour’s outage or a week’s, the resultant disaster is the same. However, the speed of recovery can salvage operating revenue and preserve customer trust. This is especially true for organisations that operate without breaks and require robust, resilient disaster recovery solutions to get them back on their feet again.

At Pansoft, we provide resilient, reliable, and responsive disaster recovery solutions that fit SMBs as much as large organisations. Our solutions include:

  • Disk-based Backup Technologies
  • Oracle RMAN
  • Infrastructure
  • Oracle Data Guard
  • Application
  • Oracle Streams
  • Database

Whether you need a hot standby site in another state or a cold standby site in another room, we help you select, architect, and implement the perfect solution for your business and your budget.

Our Disaster Recovery options include the backup and restore utility. Alternatively, we can use third-party applications such as Double-Take to create a hotsite using clustering (with no shared disks). In certain circumstances, replication can be used as well to create a standby database.

Oracle Disaster Recovery options include RMAN, Data Guard and Oracle Streams. With Data Guard, you can build a robust environment with hot or cold standby databases and it is usually the best option for Oracle Disaster Recovery. Oracle streams can be used to create replicated databases as well.

At Pansoft, our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan offers end-to-end risk assessment and business continuity management services.Our business continuity services comprise:

Assessment services:

  • Current state evaluation assessment
  • Follow policy guidelines and plan reviews assessment
  • Risk and threat assessment
  • Business impact analysis assessment
  • Solution review and design assessment

Implementation services:

  • Implementing customised Disaster Recovery plan
  • Implementing Business Continuity plan
  • Implementing swift post interruption recovery plan

Managed Disaster Recovery solutions:

  • Global compliance management services
  • Technology management services
  • Profile and policy administration services
  • Drill administration services
  • Vendor management services

Hosted Disaster Recovery solutions:

  • Vaulting business continuity plan consulting solutions
  • Media and tape management services
  • Virtualised environments

IT and data continuity services:

  • IT continuity maintenance
  • Recovery of post-disaster data

Audit services:

  • Internal audits support
  • External audits support

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